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Data loggers


Transportation of vulnerable items like foods, medicines, vaccines, beverages, dairy products, and so on needs special care and caution. These materials are sensitive to environmental stimuli, like temperature, humidity, perspiration, and so on. Apart from these, these are the products which are stolen mostly during the distribution.


So, with all these hurdles, it was becoming quite difficult for manufacturers to distribute their products to customers and various facilities. Understand the threat to the market we decided to step forth with an amazing resolution in the form of a tracking and recording device- a data logger.


What is a data logger?
You might remember the purpose of a logbook right?
Well, if yes, then you will understand what a data logger is. Just like a logbook, it is an instrument that can track the changes in some specified conditions. Once it tracks the changes, the instrument records the value and stores it in an in-built database. You can program our Tempnote data loggers in a way where it will transmit the records to a receiver of your choice.


What are the types of data a logger can record?
Often we have seen people getting confused with a data logger and a sensor. A logger is simply an instrument with a microprocessor which is a sensor in itself. The microprocessor is programmed in a way where it will be able to read the changes in the input lines according to certain input types, and then display it through the output bus lines.


Now, there are certain types of input which our logger can read, like:

  • Temperature of pharmaceutical products and foods during transit or storage
  • Humidity in the atmosphere during supply chain or storage
  • Light and Shock


Based on the changes in the inputs, our USB data loggers will record the changed value and the corresponding parameter. You can retrieve the records from the database or directly from the instrument.



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